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At times I wonder why I try or care anymore. What is the reason behind it, why should I do it?

I still do not know in truth. For the more I try and the more I care the more I hurt myself or hurt others around me.

Is it really worth continuing, I dont know.

What I care about seems to be so much different from everyone around me. I feel like a fish out of water and just waiting for some cat to come eat me. Because no one is going to help me back to where I belong.

Those I try and trust or believe in fail me and I fail them by not being able to just trust them as they want.

Why try if is just going to hurt? Why care if is just going to be disapointed yet again? Because maybe someday someone will come and help me feel like I belong? To make others feel good for what they do to me? To be hurt and to hurt?

If those are the only reasons, then its not worth doing so anymore.

What you submitted
Sep 15

We ask everyone on Facebook to use the name they go by in everyday life—what their friends call them. You can keep your current name if it’s the name you’re known by. Otherwise, we’ll ask you to edit it.

We’ll need you to review your name sometime in the next 7 days. After that, you won’t be able to log back into Facebook until you update your name.

Is Drakona Drgoragonis the name you use in everyday life?

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Sep 15

Please add anything more you’d like to tell us.
I do not have id of this name for it is not my legal name but it is the name I have used online for the past several years on various other websites and never had any issues as of this before. I find this very annoying and upsetting that just because someone does not like your name you can be forced to change it and then have to provide id showing it… never had this ever happen to me on any other social media website be and find it deplorable.. everyone that is on my friends list knows I go by this name here…
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Sep 15
Hi Drakona,

Thanks for taking the time to tell us about your name on Facebook. We may reach out again to ask for ID so that we can confirm your name. We’ll get back to you when we’ve looked at your info.

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Sep 15

Thanks for providing some additional context to help us understand the name on your Facebook account. In the next couple days, a member of our team will reach out to help personally guide you through next steps.

They may ask you to submit documents that help us confirm your name. We recommend taking a moment to look over the Help Center article below to see the kinds of IDs and documents you can submit:

You can also learn more about how we ensure the privacy and security of information you submit to us:

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The Facebook Team

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Sep 15
it is even the name I have and use on other services such as microsoft xbox live and never have had to change it for any reasons.. same name I use on wordpress, same name I use on deviant art.
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Sep 15
there is no legal reason you would ever need to have my id at all.. except in order to provide it to some state or government agency that is having you look in to my account because of somethings I have posted or shared from other sites..something they felt was controversial…but not illegal by any means.

I do not use your advertising I do not purchase things on here and never will use either service or any service of that kind through here.
Our reply
Sep 15

My name is Jesse, and I’ll be helping to guide you through this process and answer any questions you have along the way.

You have every right to be cautious about sharing information online—we’re glad you take this seriously, and we want you to know that we do too.

There are several ways that Facebook ensures the privacy and security of documents submitted to us. By default, Facebook uses a secure connection (https). That means when people submit documents to us, the information is encrypted. Only those of us in the Community Operations team who help people with account issues can see the documents, and we delete IDs after they’ve been reviewed.

We also encourage anyone who submits a document to cover up any personal information that we don’t need (ex: address, social security number). The only information we need to see is your name and either your date of birth or photo.

You can submit a wide variety of documents, not just government-issued IDs. This even includes things like magazine subscriptions and membership cards. I’d recommend taking a look at the Help Center article below. It explains in detail the types of documents you can submit:

When you’re ready, you can respond directly to this email with attached photos or scanned copies of the documents of your choice, or you can visit your Facebook Support Inbox to upload them there.

Visit your Support Inbox:

I understand that you may still have concerns, and I hope I can answer any other specific questions you have to make you feel more comfortable.

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Facebook Community Operations
Your reply
I do not have any form of id with this name on it. it is not my legal name. I do not use or share my legal name online on any social media service ever. If this becomes an issue I will just cancel my account and never use facebook or any related service that tries to ask for a facebook account again. I will also inform all friends and family of this issue and that I will be no-longer able to use facebook because of this and express to them the concern to do the same.

I have been using this name online since 2004 and never had any issues like this before from any other service I have ever used such as wordpress and deviantart. Any and all friends or family I have already know me by this name online. anyone that does not know me by this I dont really care since they are not a friend or family member of mine. I do not use facebook to try and gain large amounts of followers or friends, that is not what I ever used it for and never was. I do not use facebook to seek out new friends. I do not need lots of friends. quality over quantity always with me.

There is nothing that can be said to make this any different for me.. for if I share my legal name you will change it to my legal name to be shown here to the public and that is not what I want or would allow.

There is no reason anyone else here ever needs to know my legal name for any reason that I would find acceptable because all of those that do know me in real life already know my name both online and offline. So there is no reason to use my legal name accept for any place for purchases and I will not be making any sort of purchases through facebook ever.

I do not sell or trade or buy through facebook and wont do so ever. I do not advertise through facebook and wont do so ever.

I only used facebook to keep in touch with friends and family easier then sending separate emails all the time.

this is everything so far… so if you do not see me on facebook in the next few days you know why…and if you are not using your real name or real picture.. you too will one day be hit with this if someone decides to report you to fb…

if you want to have further contact beyond this point… it will have to be through email or g+ aka google+ for they do not do this bs. I will not be getting another fb account after this.. I am done with this service because of this.

when fb does close this account more than likely everything ever said by me on your walls through this account will be removed.. that is what they do when ever they close an account. as was done with my last account I had here and they tried the same.

it also means I will not longer be able to use certain apps for some apps only work with a fb login.. basically because they are fb apps and further trying to spy on you and learn about you and create a profile on you through those other apps or games or services.


As you can see from above this is what the service facebook does to anyone that does not use their real name or real picture on their account.. basically they try to force a form of realid on you forcing you to reveal at least to them and then those who can see your profile to be able to see your real name and picture.

So if you value your privacy online at all, do not use facebook.. for they do not care about your privacy or rights at all.  They only care what information they can gather from you to use in marketing and for other reasons such as profiling who you are hence why it is called a profile… You are creating a psychological profile of yourself for anyone to see and use against you even if not everything that is added or shared is true.. companies and governments will use this profile to try and decide what sort of person you are.

It is a well known fact that the U.S government has used facebook before to gather information about anyone that they did not agree with in what they were doing or saying online. Follow a controversial site..web page…group on facebook or somewhere else and share it on facebook and you too could find yourself being forced to update your name to your legal name if you currently do not use it there. So the government can look in to who you are and what you do online more.


Bittorent under Attack

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If you use bittorent clients like Vuze and uTorrent and MainLine your client may have recently come under attack by hackers using a Reflective Distributed Denial of Service attack.  This form of attack uses your client to take part in a DDOS against a person or site using the protocols commonly used by your client that are not secure or safe in how they work.

Make sure you have your client set where you can see how many recent connections have been banned and how much bad information those clients have sent to you. This sort of attack can cripple your clients ability to download files legal or otherwise. It will cause your client to block seeders and peers that may be innocent in and of themselves for they too had been compromised by the attack. This will drastically limit your ability to share files or download files from others.

The BS of FB

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Well Facebook just disabled my account, more than likely was because of some individual that I called out in a group reporting me, about them being stupid about a meme, where they asked for your b-day month and year and I said was a bad thing to do.

The only way to have them check to see about re-enabling is to send in a valid id… BS.. not doing that for any service ever. my privacy and information is my own and not for them to try and farm for uncle sam. And of course new free emails are easy to get. And new accounts are easy to make and then add back friends and family and groups again.

Facebook is trying to force users to only use their real life name and picture on their account. So if you have a Facebook and it is not using your real name and picture and someone reports you for saying something they do not like.. well you were warned here about what may come from it.

So if you are going to use Facebook, just do not ever add any personal information, likes, dislikes or any of that ever. If you do and then remove it or change or go from public to private too much they will disable your account too since it will not be following their rules anymore. And the only way they will even consider looking at the issue is if you upload a valid id or at least 3 forms of other id’s that have your real name and date of birth and picture on it. and they will keep that uploaded id forever in case it needs to be used for any reasons ever again…
Facebook is becoming pretty dodgy and untrustworthy with its practices because of this and I advise people to get the WoT addin for chrome or firefox and give them a poor rating because of this. They only care about what information they can farm form you to sell to advertisers or give to uncle sam to help them spy on you.

Bitcoins and Litecoins

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A lot of people may have heard about these crytpo currencies (Bitcoins & litecoins just to name two). I recently decided to throw my hand in to the mix to see what they are all about. It seems as if there are groups of people that mine and actively trade in these crypto currencies and even some retail venders that accept them as payment for items or services. They come in many different flavors and have different exchange rates for each, with currently Bitcoins having the highest exchange rate in USD. 1 BTC=627.80 USD at the time I last checked and had decided to write this post.

Now there are many ways you can go about getting these and some can be very expensive while others are fairly cheap to start off with. You run a client on your mining rig that mines the coins of your preference.  A mining rig is a computer built specifically for mining and left running 24/7 doing nothing but mining for your chosen type of coin. You can either work as part of a pool of other miners or work as a solo miner. It is suggested to work as a pool miner if you don’t have enough funds to create a large mining rig to begin with. Search for and join a small pool of the coins you are wanting to mine. Smaller pools will generate better payouts with smaller rigs. There are many helpful video’s on YouTube about how to build and then setup your rig to start mining your chosen type of coin.

You can buy the parts and setup a simple mining rig for under 200 USD. Depending upon the coin and exchange rates you can make 100 USD or more from your rig each month by just letting it mine the coins and then selling them online to other people or you can use them at retailers that may be in your area that accept them by paying with your coin wallet from an app on your smart phone. Now of course if you build a larger rig you can make even more.

Yes I know it sounds hard to believe but you can actually make money just letting your computer sit and mine these things and then sell them for real money. If you do not believe there are tons of video’s about it that you can watch, and even many sites that speak about it and what it is and how it may affect the normal currencies in the world over time.

Am I here? Yes/No/Maybe.

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I have not been here for a long time. My life has had many ups and downs during this time. Too much to list or blog about and much of it too personal to post online in such a media format. So am I back here? I am not sure. Will I ever really be back here? Maybe, but then again was I really ever here to begin with?

Cryptocurrencies – Eobot

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Have not posted here in a long time. Have not really had much of a reason to do so. My life has been chaotic to say the least. with its up times and it’s down times. Back in one of the down times which though adds stress provides more time to post on places like this.

I did have a job for a while. I was working at Dillon’s a grocery store in the state I live in. Unfortunately over the past few weeks the store was bought out and closed down by a another store in the area. I had not been there long enough to get benefits and found out that was not enough to qualify for unemployment again either. And no one who had worked there got any sort of severance package either. The union did not fight for us as hard as they could have. And yet they continued to take dues out of our checks up to the very day the store was closed to the public. With no offer of compensation for those that lost their job. Some were able to transfer to other stores in different cities, but for those like me without the means to do so. I am stuck where I am with no job once more.

One more reason to not really believe in Unions or trust them to do what is best for the workers but instead just take your money and then leave you out to hang and dry when help is really needed the most.

Now this may seem like just a conspiracy theory to some and that it may just be but if you take the time to read through what I say, perhaps you may begin to think otherwise. I now think with some reasonable doubts within that the new Windows 8 with its live tiles and the Xbox One may become the next big brother used to watch us and spy on us and what we do. In no other place where there be a single database with so much information about its users stored within it. Just think about it, you use your one account to log in to all the different services that are provided by it. Skype, Xbox Live, Windows Office online, Hotmail, and lets not forget about Bing. With all these services connected together MS is compiling one of the largest database’s about human behavior anyone has ever seen.

It will hold all your communications between friends and family over Skype. It will have all your email contacts and their information and any messages shared between them and you. Though other services like IHeart it will know your music listening habits. Through services like Netflix they will know you TV and movie viewing habits. Through the use of internet explorer and Bing they will know your searching habits on the web. You may wonder what does any of this matter? Well with all of this information they can begin to build a psychological profile on you and what sort of person you may or may not be. They can sell this information to 3rd party advertisers or make it available to the government to aid in any investigations for any reason.

With the new Kinect that comes with each Xbox One they will even be able to listen in to what you say and do and even watch you while you are in your living room. Even if the Xbox one is turned off it remains on in a low power state, in this state they could have the Kinect spy on your actions and listen in to your conversations in your home. You of course will assume it is off and nothing of the like is happening; but who is to say it will not be? Who is to say that MS will not be using all that information to make a face recognition database and voice print database and then share that with the government. Perhaps that is already in the process and part of the reason the new Xbox One comes with a Kinect and it is required to be connected for the new console to even work. With this sort of information the government could track you no matter where you go. For you are always on camera at one point or another at an ATM or even at your local Wal-Mart. Have you ever noticed how many camera’s that Wal-Mart has out in front of its stores and in the entry ways? You cannot enter or leave the store with out it getting a profile of your face which could be combined to make a facial recognition picture.

Even the movie GI Joe alluded to the fact that the government may have such technology and use it. And we all were meant to think that was just make-believe or fantasy and not real or being used. Look at the movie Eagle Eye and how it had a super computer keeping tabs on everything we do creating profiles about us. People need to wake op and smell the roses and realize with Windows 8 and its live tiles and Xbox One and Kinect these very things could become if not already a reality that we will soon face.

Things such as privacy in the home will become a thing of the past. Just imagine when someone is brought to trial over something they said or hinted about and X1 through Kinect picked it up and it was passed along to the authorities in that area. When everything you do on your computer, tablet, smartphone or gaming console is being stored to be used against you at a future date with out you even knowing it was happening until the show where they go their proof from to the court.

So beware everyone for Skynet is coming online soon but for now we will just call it Cloud computing.

Incoming Hiatus from WP.

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I will not be posting here again for a long time. Have some issues to deal with in life that take precedence over anything related to the internet. So even though I did not always post here regular to begin with, this period of time will be even longer than those by far.